Turning off (or on) PFBlocer seems to then block all inbound traffic

  • So….. I am still trouble shooting but...

    It seems once i turn pfblocker on (or off) all inbound traffic is blocked by the default deny rule ignoring what i have configured in the system. (firewall or NAT rules)
    Only a reboot ATM clears this up.
    Example: Clean reboot...pfblocker is on...everything is working as it should. If i turn off pflblocker for some reason...all inbound stops even if i turn pblocker back on. Reboot is currently the fix

    Rule order PFB_Blok/reject | all other rules

    Latest PFB

    Thoughts? More info?

    Thanks in advance

  • What does the

    • Status / System Logs / System / General

    • Status / System Logs / System / DNS Resolver

    • Status / System Logs / Firewall

    shows ?

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