[solved] pfSense KVM guest - additional disk / grow disk

  • Hi,

    I'm running a pfSense 2.4.1 under KVM and it's just smooth, thank you.
    I added another virtio block (raw) device to the guest in order to set it up as squid hdd cache.

    Now I'm having real trouble getting the disk to work.
    geom disk list shows the disk but I cannot create GPT partition table with gpart, neither does gpart show the disk.
    What's wrong here?

    geom disk list
    Geom name: vtbd1
    1\. Name: vtbd1
       Mediasize: 21474836480 (20G)
       Sectorsize: 512
       Mode: r1w1e1
       descr: (null)
       ident: (null)
       rotationrate: unknown
       fwsectors: 63
       fwheads: 16
    gpart list vtbd1
    gpart: No such geom: vtbd1.
    gpart create -s GPT vtbd1
    gpart: geom 'vtbd1': Operation not permitted

    OK, well, maybe I'm just too dump, but my other option would be to extend my main disk an just put the disk cache there…
    I'm running ZFS btw. There's not much to find about how to expand that, only for UFS.

    Thank you so much.  ;D

  • Did I make an error in my question or why is nobody answering?

  • Hi.
    Try to use Proxmox VE. It's a best KVM hypervisor with Web GUI and ZFS, clustering, autobackup, OVS etc. and all of that out-of-box!

  • You are suggesting to migrate to another virtualization platform just in order to get some disk space?
    There must be an easier solution, right?

    Of course there is. Removed the disk in KVM guest, removed the underlying lvm logical volume and started over from scratch.
    Works now very well. Used this howto:

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