Cannot access emails via Outlook

  • Hi All

    Since upgrading to 2.4.1, I am not able to access my emails on Outlook. I have tried everything, e.g. Allow Ports 993, 995, 465, 587, 110, 25. I also tried all ports and allow everything, but not able to download any emails what so ever. Can someone please help me?

    Thank you.

    Forgot to add: I don't have anything else running apart from Snort. I stopped Snort as well to see if that was the culprit.

  • Outlook ?
    Mails ?

    I'm using Outlook (part of the Office bundle) for years now.
    Always worked.

    Btw : when you set up pfSense, ALL you need to do is activating your WAN connection.
    DO NOT add any fire wall rules, and you're fine. By default, all devices on the LAN interface can access the entire 'internet' - accessible through the WAN interface.
    I do not understand why you should 'open' something.

    Btw : you left DNS settings to default (using the resolver), right ?

    Also : or are you talking about msn …. sorry, hotmail .... sorry, outlook (!), the Microsoft web mail server (just another internet web site actually) ?

    Btw : using port '25' is a thing from the past. Don't use it anymore.

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    Or is he talking about downloading his emails to the software outlook from his isp email server via pop? or imap?  Or some other mail server somewhere?

    The allow ports thing means zero since out of the box there is any any on lan outbound..

    So if you want some help your really going to need to provide actual info to work with.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your emails.

    Apologies, if this is not the way pfsense supposed to be configured, but this is what I am trying to do. Please help me with the ideal way to setup.

    I started to configure pfSense so I am only allowing certain ports to access the internet. I created aliases for various things like Internet (HTTP and HTTPS), DNS, Mail (995, 993, 110, 465, 25, 587), and some other.

    I then disabled the outbound LAN rule which allowed everything, and replaced it with the above aliases. So restricting what goes out.

    I am using DNS Resolver, and it is not been touched.

    I am using office 365 so that is the Outlook I am referring to, e.g Outlook 2016. Btw, that is now working.

    I have disconnected pfSense at the moment as Snort was blocking anything and everything. So I am not able to give you any configuration screenshots.

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    "Snort was blocking anything and everything."

    Which you didn't mention either.. Again zero info to go off of.. Sorry bout office 365 outlook doesn't use all those ports..  Where exactly are you going for your outlook…

    These really should be the only ports and dest needed to be open.

    inbound mail 993
    outbound  mail 587

  • Hi

    Thanks. In my first post, I did mention that I had stopped Snort.

    What information do you want me to supply to you? I can start up the machine bit later on.

    Outlook 2016 is configured to get mail from  Microsoft OL(Hotmail, MSN and Outlook), and Gmail.

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    And all of those are different.. Gmail setting are different than MSN, Hotmail - etc…

    What part is not working??  For all we know your putting in the wrong username password info, etc..

    What is not working.. Like telling you firefox is not working.. Does that help you help me??  What are the account settings you have in outlook.. What are you exact firewall rules? Post a screen shot of them..  What other packages if any do you have? pfblocker?

    What error does outlook give exactly.. So your saying non of your email accounts work?  Not hotmail, not gmail, not Outlook?  Allow of those have web interfaces?  Do those work?  Did you enable say imap access?

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