Squid/ SquidGuard doesnt do what's supposed

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm in need of desperate help to put squid and Squidguard working.

    I've watched every tutorial on the planet and as soon as they turn on these services it starts blocking pages and for me it does nothing… and worst, it blocks some random pages of loading. I can't figure it out. Hope soeone can help me please! :D
    I'm going to post here screenshots of my configs.

  • The default Squidguard ACL is to block everything, so one thing you must do is to edit that under Common ACL.  You didn't expand the default Target Rules List so we can't see what it shows.  Start with one at a time.  Just start squid.  Does web traffic work through it?  Check the log.  Once you know squid is working, then start squidguard and troubleshoot from there.

  • Hey!

    Thanks for the help man!
    For some reason when I switched the firewall to another network it started working, but thanks for the help!

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