New installation: Gateway offline, No WAN internet

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty new to networking and firewalls configurations.
    Basically I replaced the old sysadmin in my company, and I didn't get too much information about the firewalls and the network.

    This is our network topology pretty much:

    ( we have our own hosted cabinet in a datacenter )

    So, Datacenter Internet > 3Com Switch > physical pfSense Firewall > Dell Switch > All other servers.

    Now, I'm trying to install a new virtual pfsense firewall.

    I connected 1 of the ESXi ports to the 3Com Switch and the other port to the Dell Switch.

    now, created a pfsense VM with 2 NIC's, WAN & LAN, assigned the NIC's to the right WAN.

    I have range of IP's the datacenter assigned for us:

    ( Just an example ) - 6 IP's

    So I tried to configure the WAN interface IPv4 with, and set the gateway as

    ( My physical firewall also uses as gateway ).

    It doesn't work on the VM, just no internet and it shows the gateway as 'Offline'.
    I also cannot ping or anything.

    might be a stupid question but can't I configure any IP of the range I have as a gateway?

    I guess I'm missing something but I have no clue what.