Does CP work if MACs are unavailable?

  • I was curious to know if pfSense Captive Portal works even when no MAC information is available?  We have a few wireless hotspots that are Routed (not bridged), thus no MACs.  I was hoping that even if a wireless user lucks onto a pre-logged-in IP assignment, perhaps strict inactivity timouts and booting all but the most recently logged into IP for each user would keep things under control.  Also, can the pfSense CP do user or group based bandwidth management?  If pfSense isn't best suited for this situation, could someone please point me to a CP that is?
    Thanks, -pc

  • Should be.  Check out the "Disable MAC filtering" option.

  • Is there any way to set a default bandwidth limit per IP (for non-authenticated/guest users), then override the default with a faster limit for authenticated users (set per authenticated username no matter how many IPs they're logged in on)…?  Also, for authenticated usernames, I need to set the Number of concurrent IPs they're allowed to be logged-in on at one time.  Final notes: MACs aren't available for inspection/use by the CP, and I am unable to pre-determine what IP will be assigned to users because each AP does it's own DHCP.  If pfSense doesn't have this capability, please point me to something that does, even if it's not free.
    Thank you, -pc

  • No.

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