Cannot reach (no squid installed.)

  • I'm running 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 (i386), without a lot of special changes… for some reason I can't get out to (the login for microsoft accounts.  (have to get some licencing stuff for RDS))  I can go to, just not  ( took too long to respond.)  This happens on all computers and phones behind the firewall.  If I plug directly into the modem it works...

    We do not have squid proxy installed...  (Found many posts online of how to fix this problem if it's caused by squid proxy.)

    I know I'm doing something wrong...

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    -Ben D

  • @bdunshee:

    I know I'm doing something wrong...
    gives me a beautiful landscape page an a login box  :)
    Going through my pfSense (I'm at home, so I VPNned in, and surfed to "" - using IPv6 over VPN).

    So, what to say …
    Two things : your pfSense IS special because outdated ... but it should work.
    It mist be your settings - and to be more specific : what did you change to the DNS settings ? (me : none - never had to do so - pfSense works out of the box).

  • have you got the pfBlockerNG add on installed?

    If so it is probably a list you have in that.  Some of them have really poor hygiene when it comes to blocking legitimate microsoft services.  If not then you’ll need to give us more info on your configuration (addons etc.)

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