VPN to PFSense

  • We have a customer that has a Meraki Z1 with a IPSec VPN to a PFSense router using site to site VPN. The vpn tunnel will all of a sudden go down randomly weekly and the connections are both up at both ends. Rebooting either device will fix it, although temporarily. We have checked all settings many times over and have the setting to re-establish VPN enabled. Calls to meraki always say "nothing is wrong with us" everything looks good, and the PFSense has all the right settings configured to talk back with the Meraki.
    Anyone ever run into this issue?

  • Ran into many other issues, but certainly not your one. :)

    Just as a note: you should see meaningful log messages at least on the pfsense side (dont know the other device) by the time the reconnect should happen. Both sides should attempt the reconnect if so configured and give some hint on what is happening - especially if messages are missing.

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