Multiple Xbox playing the same game (Call of Duty WWII)

  • Hi

    I'm having trouble with 2 xbox playing the same game. The first Xbox that enters the game connects fine and gets Open NAT, second Xbox is stuck on "Connecting to Xbox Live"

    XBOX 1 IP:
    XBOX 2 IP :

    Here is what I have set up (See screenshots also)

    • UPNP is enabled

    • NAT entry for both Xbox

    • Pure NAT and "Automatic create outbound NAT rules that direct traffic back out to the same subnet it originated from"

    Connecting them directly to the Modem works just fine

    What am I missing here?

  • Some games just really don't like being on the same network with uPNP.

    Not sure about WW2 yet but if its like a few of the other games in this situation, you just need to create separate Outbound NAT rules for each console individually.

    So set console 1 to,

    WAN / InternalIP/32 / * / * / * / WAN / * / Static Port

    Then set Console 2 to,

    WAN / InternalIP/32 / * / * / * / WAN / * / Random Port.

    The first console is turned on and will get Open Nat, the second console is turned on and will get Strict Nat. Both consoles will be able to join party chat and multiplayer lobbies together.

    Some games like Overwatch (fixed now), warframe, destiny and black ops 3 just hate pFsense uPNP implementation and refuse to connect properly when both consoles achieve Open NAT together. It is a pain, but you can either just leave it like this or once WW2 is finished just switch back to both being Static Port when you need open for different games.

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