Children access with time limit

  • Hi everybody,

    I've read some posts and do some search on Google, but as I'm using latest version of pfSense, I'd like to have your help to configure the best solution with this version.

    I've 4 children and I want to limit time elapsed on Internet.

    What is the best scenario :

    • Using Voucher with Mac address identified
    • Using FreeRadius (login/password creation) and a time limit

    For Voucher (not tested yet), how must I configure it ?

    For FreeRadius (actually partially tested), it seems that I can only limit bandwith because timeout if about idle or hard value, not total value per period (week or month).

    Am I right or did I miss something ?  ???

    Thanks a lot for your help.  ;D

    PS : need is really to limit time, not blocking/filtering something as this is already done by some config like DNS, Squid, …

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