Anyone have a guide for FRR and OSPF?

  • I am not very familiar with FRR, but it seems to be recommended for OSPF configuration.  I have a very, very simple OSPF setup running in VMware NSX between a distributed logical router and edge service gateway.  I am a bit confused as to what Zebra is with its master password and all.  I configured the FRR settings as I would have expected by I see no OSPF neighbors in status and no routes inherited.  Any pointers?

  • I think you need to be in the Routing and Multi-WAN forum, not the Packages - Traffic Monitoring forum. I know OSPF is a routing protocol… not sure what FRR is, but everything else in your post seems to be about routing, not monitoring traffic on your network.

    If your question is about one of the routing protocol packages, then maybe the general Packages forum might also be appropriate.

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