OpenVPN can't connect

  • Good morning,

    I want to use the openvpn (or any other vpn solution) from pfsense to connect my PC.

    The situation is that i have a remote server who run an ESX with an IP (191.X.X.X) this ip is reserved for ESX administration.

    On this ESX I have a PFsense VM which allow me to NAT all my other VM hosted on this ESX to share the same public IP (61.205.x.x)
    The solution works perfectly. pfsense lan = and my vms

    Now I want to connect my PC to the OPENVPN and maybe be isolated from my VMs just be protected from incoming connectin but no restriction for connect. ( the reason is that my pfsense is hosted in a datacenter and i like to play computer at night but my latency is high > 80ms for connection to swedish or nl servers) only because my ISP don't use the nice route during 9pm to 11pm).
    If i succeed to connect my pc to pfsense via vpn my latency wil be good.

    I have tried openvpn via UDP => tls failed 60 second…
    It had be done via openvpn wizard, i checked the rules created by the wizard. I don't understand why i can't connect.
    Can someone please help me ?

    Thanks in advance and thanks pfSense amazing product!

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