Partial LAN Access over OpenVPN - Cameras

  • Hello,

    Searched the forum, haven't found a post that addresses my issue, hopefully I'll get some insight here…

    LAN is standard with DHCP pool of
    OpenVPN address pool is within
    Connecting an Android device to the LAN via the VPN

    Connection establishes, I have access to resources that are statically assigned outside of the DHCP pool (e.g. NAS, home automation server, etc.). I don't have access to a set of Foscam cameras that are also statically assigned IPs by pfSense. I can't get to their web interface or their feed using IPCam Viewer app on the Android device. They are all statically addressed with a distinct port per camera (i.e. and so on).

    As a test I established port forwarding to the and have no issues connecting to the cameras from the WAN using my domain and the unique port. I'm having no luck accessing via the VPN.

    Are default rules blocking the ports used for the cameras? 1201-12XX?
    Do I have to port forward to Doesn't seem right since I can gain access to other resources on my LAN...

    Thanks for your help!

  • You may have to set the cameras to permit access the subnet.
    When connected, your Android device will be appearing as a device on that network trying to get to your cameras.
    I don't know if your cameras automatically deny devices outside their base subnet.

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