SquiGuard allow just the facebook portal of the company?

  • Hi guys.

    Just wondering, if is possible to allow a user access a specific site inside facebook and block everything else?

    Allow to login but just manage the company site like:


    Can squid+SquiGuard can do this?


  • Yes.

  • Hi KOM.

    Can u please provide a details what I have to do?

    I will appreciated, thanks.

  • Services - Squidguard - Target Categories.  Create a category called Whitelist for example.  Add your URL to the URL list box.  Then edit either the Common ACL or Group ACL (depending if you want this to affect everyone or just specific users) Target Rules to allow the Whitelist category.

  • I had add my Target with my URL:


    I had whitelist in my ACL Group.

    But my ACL SocialNet is deny, them SG block my Target.

    www.facebook.com:443	Request(RH/blk_BL_socialnet/-) equezada CONNECT REDIRECT

    SG config:

     pass FB whitelist !in-addr !blacklist !blk_BL_anonvpn !blk_BL_porn !blk_BL_socialnet blk_BL_searchengines all

    Any tip to share?


  • I think you have to set your whitelist category to whitelist instead of allow under Target Rules to ignore other blocks.

  • Not working, I had different combination, allow, whitelist, but SG is not accepting my url:


    Squid cache log say:

    2017/11/30 15:12:50 kid1| ERROR: URL-rewrite produces invalid request: GET ERR HTTP/1.1

    Looks like this is the reason SG jump to the block domains socialnet.

    SG is not accepting my URL.

    I will continue, if someone has something to add welcome, thanks KOM.

  • I don't know if it makes a difference, but the examples do not have the trailing slash.

    Try www.facebook.com/my-company instead of www.facebook.com/my-company/.

  • I had try both, looks like pfsense+squid+squidguard have something wrong with this part. ???

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