Effect of disabling "block private networks" & "block bogon networks"

  • ~~After setting up my pfSense firewall replacing a checkpoint 680 that could no longer keep up with faster FIOS speeds I noticed that several of my music services in my Sonos system were no longer working.  I do not have any outbound blocking rules and my LAN rules are ANY right now so I was a little surprised to see this.

    After poking around for an hour I determined that if in the WAN interface if I unchecked "Block Private Networks" & "Block Bogon Networks" my services started to work again.  This has me a bit puzzled.

    In any event, I want to better understand what the impact (or danger) of unchecking these two options will have on my network and whether I should be finding a different approach to fixing my music service problem.  I can say that on my checkpoint router I never had any inbound ports open other than possibly 443 to allow my ipsec vpn and remote access to work but that was handled by setting up those services, not by direct rule.

    Am I vulnerable or worse, wide open in any way because I unchecked these two options.~~


    I don't believe my Sonos problems were related to the new pfSense router or the block settings.  I think I found a switch loop that I eliminated today and the Sonos is once again working.



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