PFSense running as a HVM in QubesOS ..

  • At the minute I'm running QubesOS and I'm curious about installing PFSense as a Software Firewall. How would I achieve this?

    Would I have too add another NIC too my desktop as in two physical cards. One for WAN and one for LAN ..

    I'm also curious if I should install PFSense as a HVM in QubesOS as running Qubes with PFSense and ultimatly having everything contained on one HDD would be safe.

    How would I get bridge the connection too my Router. I dont have an unmanaged switch.

    QubesOS has its own built in firewall, along with my Router and PFSense.

    I'm also curious about the option of a VPN with QubesOS or if this should be done at the PFSense Firewall level or having it run as a Virtual Machine in what my APP VMs would be connected too.

    Can anyone shed any light on this. If its possible?

    I'm also using the latest Fedora 26 Template with all applicable updates for dom0 ..

    Thanks.  8)

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