Pfsense LAN connectivity issues

  • Hello,

    I have pfsense installed on a Xen hypervisor with two NICs. On pfsense LAN network, from a client, I can ping pfsense LAN IP, pfsense WAN IP, Gateway IP,, and

    I can view pfsense's web interface on both WAN/LAN IPs from the client inside the LAN.

    I cannot bring up any other web pages.

    I am right now allowing all traffic through from both the LAN and WAN.

    I do not know what is causing this issue

  • Blocks upstream, like a cache or something else?

    I am right now allowing all traffic through from both the LAN and WAN.

    Sounds scary to me.  You normally don't let ANYTHING inbound on WAN except port forwards, for example.

    Post your network details for WAN, LAN, and the firewall rules for both.  Remove or obfuscate any public IP references such as your WAN IP.

  • The WAN interface is not facing the internet. It is splitting my internal network in two right now.

  • Get rid of that Bogon rule on LAN.  LAN is almost always a private network, so blocking them is counterproductive.  Also get rid of that Allow Any rule on WAN.  The port forwards to your Wordpress box are fine.

    You should also be aware that since your WAN is also private network space, the Block Bogons rule is going to interfere with anything trying to reach your WP server via port forward.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Might be this:

    An unfortunate but necessary step to using PV NICs on Xen/XenServer.

    Alternately you can use hw.xen.disable_pv_nics=1 in /boot/loader.conf.local and reassign your interfaces to the reX NICs.

    (Moving thread to Virtualization)

  • Derelict your Xen NIC step seems to have fixed the issue. It looks like it is working perfectly now, thank you.

    Thank you as well KOM for you assistance.

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