OpenVPN issue: when connected no internet access

  • Hi

    We have the issue that if i connect to the VPN (OpenVPN), we have no internet access. The DNS resolution of domains works fine, just the connection isn't possible.
    For the internet access we use two WAN interfaces, WAN1 and WAN2 in a failover configuration. This works fine.

    The VPN is configured as described here:
    THe firewall is opened for all kind of VPN connections (VPN to *).
    We use as custom optionin OpenVPN: push "redirect-gateway def1";

    We use the NAT rules as described (
    WAN1 - UDP, Source *, Destination WAN1 Address port 1194, redirect target port 1194
    WAN2 - UDP, Source *, Destination WAN2 Address port 1194, redirect target port 1194

    Has someone a clue, why the internet access isn't working?

    Best regards

  • Have you added the VPN ip subnet in "Squid Access Control Lists" > "Allowed Subnets"

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