OpenVpn access and ping problems…

  • Hi,

    PFsense 2.3.5 box in all 3  locations.

    OpenVPN setup as follows:

    Site A SERVERS:

    Open vpn Server1 tunnel (tunnel ip 172.16.x.x) to site B, connected and works fine.  Site A (192.168.1.x/24 LAN) can ping and access Lan of site B(192.168.3.x/24 LAN) and vice versa.  All is GOOD.

    Open vpn Server2 tunnel (tunnel ip 172.17.x.x) to site C, connected.  Pfsense box C can ping Site A Pfsense box and Lan machines from console only!  Any Pc connected to Site C Lan cannot ping or see Site A.  Site C was Setup EXACTLY as Site B!  Cant figure it out!

    Site A Pfsense box or lan pcs cannot ping site C Pfsense box or lan!

    What the heck is going on???


    Tunnels connect from site A to B and A to C.  All 3 location have their own static public Ip in use.

    Site A can ping and see lan of Site B perfectly and vice versa.

    Site A CAN NOT ping or see site C from PFsense box or lan .
    Site C can ping Site A and lan machines from PFsense box only, not lan machines!

    All rules and such are IDENTICAL at site B and C!

    What the heck am i missing here?



  • Ok, I finally figured it out.  Boy what a reminder on why software drive me insane, its just so imperfect.

    So after hours of messing with this and checking and rechecking, i got onto a thread where they mentioned the ROUTING TABLE in Pfsense.  Humm I thought.  So I went there  on my SEVER PF box.

    Well look at that, there is some weird IP of attached to my OVPNSRV2 OpenVPN.  So i compare the entries for the server that works and that just is not right…it should be!

    So I DELETE the 2nd server which was from A to C.  Go back to routing table and this entry now refers to" TUN" instead of the deleted OVPNserv2.  What the?

    I restart the OPENVPN services, nope still there.

    So I had to reboot the Site A PFSENSE box.  THAT go rid of the rouge routing entry!

    I re-created my 2nd server at Site A and WA-La!  Its all working!  I can PING away!

    Ok, thanks self!

    HAve a good day!

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