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    I have an IoT device that can only deliver secure files via Webdav.
    I intend on setting up a FreeNAS Box with Webdav shares and I am curious as to the most secure way to push through my pfSense Firewall to the FreeNAS.
    Is it advisable to push a NAT on a single port and enable Webdav directly through?

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    If you forward a port though pfSense to FreeNAS all security for that service will be FreeNAS's responsibility.

    You might be able to gain some protection by using snort in blocking mode to detect intrusion and block the offending address.

    You might be able to help secure it by using something like pfblockerng to block from certain countries/regions.

    If you MUST port forward the best thing to do is strictly limit the source addresses for the port forward/firewall rule to just your source site(s).

    In almost all cases putting that traffic through a VPN is better than port forwarding, if possible.

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    Thank you for the suggestions.
    I would love to be able to tunnel it through a VPN that is hosted on the pfSense firewall;
    unfortunately the IoT device only has Webdav as a security option, and that is not an option on the pfsense host.

    Might be a silly question but; can I packet filter (on pfSense) to only allow Webdav through?

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    That's because "Webdav" is not a security option that has any place on a firewall.

    You would pass through the http/https ports to FreeNAS and it would be doing the webdav there.

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    Okay, many thanks

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