Domain overrides with openvpn

  • Hello,

    I have an ipsec tunnel between my office and a remote office.
    Both offices use a different domain for now.
    I've setup a domain override in my dns fw options for my lan.
    ex: > which is the dns of the remote office.
    How do i get users that connect to my openvpn to be able to reach the network on the remote office?


  • Provide them your internal DNS server.
    But ensure that it also can resolve public names.

  • They already have my internal dns server's address and it doesn't work.

    lan ip:
    vpn ip:
    remote office ip:

    I've added the remote office's ip range in the openvpn server settings. I can ping an ip over there, but i cant reach a web app with the fqdn.

  • So the clients obviously can't resolve it. Consider that they have to use the FQDN, not only the host name, also the domain part.

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