OpenVPN clients can't access port 80 on LAN PCs

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm running pfsense 2.4.2. I have been using OpenVPN fine for a while now, but recently (possibly coinciding with my upgrade to 2.4.2 a few weeks ago) I am not able to access port 80 on any computer or device when I connect to my network remotely via OpenVPN. I can access everything else, including port 443 and other ports on the same machines I'm denied connecting to port 80 on, just fine. Seems weird that all of sudden I'm blocked from port 80 on any LAN machine. It lets me connect to port 80 on non LAN machines just fine. I don't have any problems connecting to port 80 when I'm on my LAN with the same openvpn client (e.g. if I am connected to my LAN, and then connect to openvpn, I can access port 80 on my machines, or if I'm not connected to openvpn).

    Any ideas where I should look to solve this? I haven't added any new rules to the the firewall or openvpn.

    Thank you.

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