Firewall noob

  • I am going to be setting up my router soon and don't know much about firewall rules. Would the default settings give me a good firewall? I am unsure on what to do as far as the firewall settings go. Does pfsense have settings like on my Linksys router would display?

  • These YouTube videos a pretty good. A little long but lots of info.

  • The rules apply top down match first. Thats the best way to remember. By default, pfSense does most of the basic firewall hardening for you.

    Would the default settings work for you?

    Depends what your end goal is.

    Also this might help

  • My goal is to have a safer LAN that can use the internet. I watched the firewall video and I have no clue on how to setup rules. Do people usually set up a only a couple rules? I just need the minimal to have my network access the internet and be pfsense secured.

  • Do you want to provide access to any services (OpenVPN, web server, mail server, etc) behind the firewall from the internet?

    If not, pfSense should work out of the box for you.

    You will have to set up the WAN connection to connect to cable, ADSL, whatever, through your modem.

  • Defaults sound good to me. I have no services running. I will setup AV and IDS but that's about it.  Thanks for the help, I will keep looking at firewall rules. If you know any basic rules I might use let me know.

  • You might find AV and IDS implementation to be a bit "stressful" if you don't understand basic firewall rules.  ;)

    With pfSense, the default rules on the LAN interface will allow anything on the LAN to connect to the firewall itself or the internet.

    The default rules on the WAN interface will prevent anything on the internet from connecting to the firewall itself or anything on the LAN.

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