Openvpn to industry router same lan

  • Hello,
    I have i strange question:

    I must create a connection to some VPN Industry routers, the industry routers support Openvpn in client and server mode.
    The End Company will have always the same Network on the Lan Site e.g.

    My  my recommendation was to activate the openvpn server on the VPN Router, insert a dyndns for ip update and forward 1194 from the internet router to the VPN Gateway…..

    but this option is not the correct path…

    if the user change the internet router and the 1194 port is open…etc.

    For the Vpn router exist a dedicated Cluster Software that create the tunnels as I need here….

    But is not possible with openvpn?
    My problem are the same network….

    if multiple industry router open a tunnel to the pfsense as openvpn client, and I as administrator open a vpn to the pfsense for administration, how  should pfsense know in what tunnel must transfer the packet…. (I need only 1 connection on the same time)
    On the Industry router I can define a local and a remote net, but I will not access to a virtual ip to manage my real pc


    • I create vpn tunnels from multiple industry routers to the pfsense (vpn client)
    • The lan site of the vpn router are > PC gw:
    • For administration I connect me to the pfsense with username e.g company1 and pw
    • if the tunnel is up I must can ping and other protocols from company1
    • if I login with username company2 and pw, pfsense redirect me to the vpn tunnel of company2 and i can ping

    Anybody has a Tip for me to resolve my project…

    Thx @all and have a nice day

  • Hello,

    I have a other path to resolve the project.

    Is possible to create up to 100 openvpn server instanze on a different port on the pfsense or this is most cpu intensive?

    Thx for all ansfers and other tips to resolve my projekt…

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