Unable to select Rule Gateway / Policy Route lost when editing rule

  • After upgrade to 4.2.4 the Rule GUI is not behaving as expected.

    A few Select menus with event listeners are not modifying output as expected. The biggest issue is that the Gateway select menu under Rules (Advanced) is always blank

    The Select menu looks like this:

    Instead of this:

     <select class="form-control" name="gateway" id="gateway"><option value="">Default</option> <option value="AlternateISPGateway">Alternate ISP Gateway</option> <option value="ISPGateway">Default ISP Gateway</option> <option value="MobileGateway">Failover Mobile Gateway</option></select>

    There are other minor annoyances such as Advanced span not defaulting to hidden and Port selection boxes always showing as disabled.

    I have tried other themes/CSS, browsers, OS platform. Seems to be tied to PFsense and not browser.

    Any one else? Any help?

  • I'm only seeing this behavior on one PFsense box.  Definitely tied to PFSense side (not browser). But i can not reproduce on same release version. Any ideas?  Anyone Else?

  • I have the same problem with the 2.4.2 in the french WebGui. The Gateway list is empty. But it works well in English WebGui. Try to change language in System/General Setup.

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