Game update problem

  • pfsense doesnt game update. internet on but games cant do update. someone help me please

  • Ignoring that you are running a fairly old version of pfsense.

    The rule you have setup for your game has several problems:

    1. It is limited to udp and tcp traffic, but the game updater might use ping requests to check if a host exists, pinging use the icmp protocol (but that would also take place on another port, so it would still not pass by this rule).
    2. The rule only passes for a single port? Are you sure the game updater only uses that one port? If not the traffic is split between your WANs, that is usually a problem since the host server expects traffic to come from the same source IP, not from different.

    Basically, I have not reason to think that your current setup should work at all.

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