Site2Site push route

  • Hello everyone

    I'm trying to simplify a certain setup.

    I want the following

    ClientB –> SiteB( Client)  <--> SiteA( Server) <--> SiteC( Client)

    I would like to add the option 'push "route"' on the server in SiteA, so that SiteB will add it to its routing table, so that in the end ClientB can access SiteC.

    Trouble is. SiteB doesn't seem to accept the push option. Can't find a route set there, after I've implemented it.

    I know the usual way is to add the IP subnet of SiteC in SiteB's "IPv4 Remote Network(s)" in the Client. But as I'm building up a meshed network with around 18 Sites, this would simplify the job immensely.

    So is it possilble to push out a route in a Site2Site config?


  • Need a bit more info.  What kind of setup are you running?  For 18 sites you should be using a Multi-site PKI/SSL setup.

    Without looking at your configs, I can only guess that you have one of these scenarios in play that is affecting your ability to push routes:

  • Thanks for the clarification. Didn't see that you need a PKI setup. I'll look into it. Currently it's a shared key environment

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