No logs for failed Diagnostics-Authentication (to external RADIUS)

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to get configured OpenVPN using an external RADIUS server for authentication.

    I currently don't get over the succesful test for the RADIUS working (using Diagnostics->Authentication)

    • RADIUS server is configured in User Manager-> Authentication Servers
    • Doing test via Diagnostics->Authentication, I don't get anything else than [Authentication failed.] for an existing user/pw at the RADIUS server

    No additional log or error message. I was looking into several pfSense log files, but did not find any related message with hints on the problem cause …

    Any ideas where to look fo this?

    (no logs at target RADIUS on the attempt, so next I'm going to dig into FW rules / drop logs - just in case: which would be the source IP of the  Diagnostic-Auth-Attempt? Would it bind to pfSense interface address (e.g. OPT1) where the RADIUS servers sits, or may it be different?)

    Thanks in advance for any hints!

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