Rearrange interface listings?

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    So it seems that interfaces under assignments and the dashboard widget are listed in order wan, lan and then opt# so you get a list like this


    Does not matter what you might relabel the optX too... Question is there a way to change this listing order so you can order them by type or name vs order they were created.  Without having to delete them all and then add them in the order you would like to see them.

    Would like the vlans in section, physical in section, etc.  How you can reorg firewall rule orders by just dragging them around and can even insert separators with labels would be nice..  Currently they are really just in the order you added them.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    System > General Setup, "webConfigurator" section, check "Interfaces Sort" to sort alphabetically.

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    That helps!  Thanks.. Would be neater if you could sort them like you can firewall rules with drag and drop… But can always just name them so they get sorted in order I like.. So that fits the bill thanks.

    edit:  So that clearly works on the interface widget.. But when you go to interface assignments they are still in the wan,lan,optX order.. But that is is better than nothing ;)

  • Rebel Alliance

    I agree with johnpos.
    It would help to neaten up, particularly when you create a multitude of additional VPN interfaces

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