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  • Hi all,

    First, some background info.
    Currently we have an IPCop box setup to handle download limits on user based (actualy a combo of IP and MAC adresses based thing).
    Every user gets a limit of 8 GB/month. Currently we have a 20Mbps down 3Mbps up WAN connection and about 80 students in the building.

    Due to some changes in contracts and such we got an extra line (exactly the same cable provider) without usage. Each line has a 600GB/Month limit with the provider and well, you guess where I'm going…

    I want to setup a dual wan PFSense box (as this isn't possible on the IPCop box) and split up the available bandwidth equaly between the users.
    But the only thing is, English isn't my native language, and I can't find the right search terms to find an answer (if there is any) to my question.

    Can PFSense do the same thing my IPCop box currently does and add dual wan (I setup a PFSense box, and got the dual wan working already), now I need to check if i can actualy limit the traffic to each IP + MAC (or another sollution if possible).

    With kind regards,


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  • I just wanted to tell you that IPCop is able to do multi-wan. My brother uses IPCop and has 3 WAN connections.

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