OpenVPN: No connectivity between remote clients and remote peer-to-peer server

  • I have the following network setup:

    Site A:
    Peer-To-Peer Server

    Site B:
    Peer-To-Peer Client (To Site A)
    Remote Access Server (

    Remote Client:
    OpenVPN Client (To Site B)

    Everything works great except for the Remote Client. The Remote Client can talk to EVERYTHING in Site B. It cannot talk to Site A. Additionally, when Site A tries to ping it cannot.

    In "IPv4 Remote network(s)" for Peer-To-Peer Server in Site A, I added I can see an entry for it in the kernel routing table but there is no entry for it in the OpenVPN internal routing table. Could this be related to why I have no connectivity between the remote client and Site A?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What is the network scheme of the local network the remote client is connecting from?

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