Multiple VPN and Multiple Wan

  • Hello here's my issue :

    i've got a pfsense setup with multiple wan.

    I've setup an openvpn with WAN1 on port 1194. It works well from outside.

    Then i tried to setyp another openvpn server on WAN2 with port 1195.

    When i try to connect to WAN2 server, i've got that error :

    TCP/UDP: Incoming packet rejected from [AF_INET] (WAN1 IP):1194[2], expected peer address WAN2=IP:1195

    It looks like when i connect to the wan2 server, the server tries respond through the WAN1 interface, not the WAN2 interface. Of course when i created the VPN server on WAN2:1195, i selected the WAN2 interface in the drop list

    What's wrong ?

  • Is there any info on this?

    I just tried to migrate an OpenVPN server from WAN1 to WAN2, also had to manually create the firewall rules to allow traffic in, but still no connection on WAN2.

    I have 2 OpenVPN servers running, 1 on WAN1, 1 on WAN2, the 2nd one only works on WAN1 but not on WAN2 (of course, I also change the IP on the client).

  • 1)  Do you have duel WAN working by itself?

    2)  Just for a sanity check, is there a reason your using two WANs?

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