Find heaviest user?

  • We often run into the situation where a single LAN IP is using a significant portion of bandwidth at one given time. How would I go about identifying that IP? Does this work for upload and download separately?

    I have installed bandwidthd, but it still doesn't seem clear from it's graphs who is the worst at this instant.

  • I use ntop and it does show upload and download.

  • I don't see ntop as an installable package on 1.2. How would I go about getting this?

  • Install 1.2.1-RC4.  Its being released on XMAS so there really is no reason not to run it.

  • Well, I've gone and made things even harder on myself. I just switched to an embedded (CF) system, and can no longer install packages. I suppose that means I'm out of luck?

    I'd really like to be able to see snapshots of bandwidth usage per IP, which shouldn't require any write access to the device, is there anything out there that could accomplish this?

  • darkstat

  • I know that bandwithd requires write access to the file system, so that's out even if I could install it.
    darkstat didn't seem to give the IP-based bandwidth usage information I needed.

    ntop might, but I'm guessing it needs disk access as well, and I still can't install it with the embedded version of pfSense.

    Maybe I'll just have to re-install pfSense in full mode, and hope the CF survives anyhow…

  • ntop does exactly this. I beleve you can manualy install packages with embeded.

    I perfer the full version my self.

    Here is a pic of ntop in action on my home lan