Noob question on access points

  • I am setting up pfsense on a poweredge 2950. I have the 2 onboard gigabit ports, I added a quad gigabit card. I am alos going to get a dual fiber card later to connect to some fiber switches I was given. my question is I bought 2 v7 access points. I am not sure if I should make one an access point and the other to bridge (rebroadcast the same ip so you don't have to change ip). I don't know if I should set them both as access points. also should I connect both to my pfsence or to my lan.  sorry I know this is a noob question. I bought these access points because of price and speed also they don't deed a controller to work in conjunction with each other. according to the paperwork. I can set one as access point or access point/WDS (wireless distribution system) or just WDS.  hope I gave enough information about what I need and was clear.

    2 access points (unopened) how to setup on my pfsence connect both to pfsence lan ports or to my switch, set both to access points or one to access point and the other to WDS (wireless distribution system) or both to WDS

    thank you for your help

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    Do you have a managed switch?  Those AP state they support vlans.. So with a smart switch you could put your different SSIDs on whatever network you want.. be your lan or your other vlans..

    "other to bridge (rebroadcast the same ip so you don't have to change ip)"

    Huh.. That makes no sense… An AP is a bridge..

  • no my smart switch blew a power supply. I know they are bridges. but if according to the user manual I set one as ap/ wds (wireless distribution system) and the other to WDS and when you move from one to the other you do not get a new ip.  since I will be using pfsense (don't care to the quad nic (my preference) or to switch) I didn't know if they needed to be set to ap ap/wds or both to wds. hope this helps. and thank you for the comments

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    No AP does this - when you move between AP that are using the same SSID..  WDS or not…

    You really should get a switch... The interfaces are router interfaces they are not switch interfaces.. While you could bridge them to be in the same vlan.. Its not an optimal sort of setup.. Just get a smart switch connect your AP to it.. Could be something as cheap as a $30 smart switch...  Connect your interfaces in from your different networks/vlans from pfsense to the same switch..Now any wireless client be on any network you want it to be on.

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