HAProxy configuration help

  • Hi,

    Im new to pfsense and to haproxy, so there may be some simple things I am missing with how im trying to approach setting up haproxy.

    I have a simple home network setup.  I have one central server that acts as a NAS and has a number of VM's running on it.

    I have one VM that is used for hosting some web services.

    My end goal is that I want each web service on that VM to have a particular FQDN with port 80 forwarding traffic to the associated port on that VM.

    So, for instance

    plex.toptop.com:80 ->

    These are only internally accessible, so I don't want to be able to access them via WAN for the moment.

    Im happy to provide details anyone who is willing to help.  Ive attached my haproxy.conf configuration to start with.

  • The acl should probably check for the hostname.

    acl                     Plex    hdr(host) -i plex.toptop.com

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