OpenVPN routing

  • I have on server side/OpenVPN Server, in pfSense:

    Tunnel network:

    Machine (Windows) on this LAN-network has two IP-addresses on same interface:

    IP1: (example of static public IP) gw
    IP2: - gw as above (as you can't have two gw, it will of course use the above and not find any route to reply ping).

    From the client side/OpenVPN Client, I can ping when connection established. I want to be able to ping I (assume) the reason is the gw above, but I'm really far out of my comfort zone…

    For this to happen, I assume I need to do something similar to this in Windows (so that the return will get to the correct gw for all traffic on the 10.1.X.X network):
    route ADD MASK METRIC 1 (I would hope it means that all traffic on should go through the VPN on  - I can ping from it).

    How exactly should the route above be? Am I somewhat close or will it never work?

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