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  • Hi, all

    (Two issues)

    (1) I have a Android TVbox from China. It seems to connect many IP addresses for real time TV channels watching. I want to put the TVbox which can access outside world without any restriction in pfblockerng, How can I do it? P.S. I setup my TVBox using static locl IP. I know I can put all IP addresses into Firewall -> Aliases -> pfBlockerNGSuppress but I don't want to put 200+ IP addresses onto it. Is there any FAST and EASY way to do it?

    (2) I have a MS exchange server installed. All PCs can access the server without any issue using outlook and webmail (internal and external). After I install the pfblockerng, Outlook and webmail are working fine exteranlly. For internal network, outlook and webmail complain that the SSL cert is not valid. For some reason, outlook and website are using "PFSENSE" SSL certificate not Exchange SSL certificate. How can I fix it?

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