Need settings explanation

  • Hello all,

    I need help understanding a setting that existed on my old 2.3 install I believe automatically when I installed pfBlocker and DNSBL but did not exist after updating to 2.4 and latest version of pfBlocker.

    What I am in question about is a line under custom options of the DNS Resolver: "server:include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf"

    Without that line then on the Dashboard under pfBlockerNG their is a red X next to DNSBL and it says inactive.
    With that line then it has a green check mark and is running.

    Either way under service status it is active with a green check "dnsbl pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server"

    I have searched and cant figure out why this is as none of the guides say anything about having that line in the resolver.

    I would appreciate if someone could educate me on this and guide me to the proper setup, for information I am running this install off of ZFS on USB drives with RAM Disks, no Hard drive.

    Thank you!

  • Moderator

    Ram Disks aren't really recommended for packages, as they store the package data in the /var folder which with RAM Disks is all lost on a reboot….

    So when you do reboot, you will need to run a Force Reload - ALL to get everything working again.

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