Virtual IP's show login page.

  • Sorry if this has been addressed, but I've searched to no avail. I have a block of 5 static IP's from my ISP. The first IP I use as the WAN IP. The others I have NAT'ed to 2 other subnets I have on the LAN side. Problem is when I hit those IP's from the internet, they show the PFSense login screen.

    .114 –-> (Main Lan address)
    .115 ---> (Son's Lan Address)
    .116 ---> (Guest Lan Address)

    I need help setting up a firewall rule to block the router from the internet on the virtual IP's if anyone can shed some light on this.



  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And what are your rules on this interface the vips sit on?

  • I attached an image of my WAN rules.

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