Traffic graph pulling index (dashboard) after 1.2.1 upgrade (in CHROME)

  • Just upgraded a CARP cluster to 1.2.1 from 1.2 and when I try to open the traffic graph, I get the index, which is the dashboard, instead of a graph.
    Some details:
    Full install with dashboard installed. Dashboard re-installed on upgrade. version says 0.6.2
    Not sure if this is related to the dashboard or something else.
    Tried changing the graph from WAN to another interface- same thing. Re-installed Dashboard from packages. Rebooted the box. This is a full install, CARP cluster, 6 interfaces. The only other package was darkstat.
    First noticed because I had traffic graphs on the dashboard (I did try removing and re-adding the widget), but found it happens on Status, Traffic Graph also.
    EDIT- This is only happening in Chrome, everything is fine in FireFox.

  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem.

    Same issue with a clean install and an upgrade.



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