Using ASUS AC66U as Wireless AP - Add guest network(s)?

  • I have a J3355 pfsense box up and running with an ASUS AC66U as both a wifi access point and wired switch.  Everything is working.

    I would like to incorporate a wireless guess network for some IoT devices and some tablets that need to see the internet but not any of the computers on the network.

    The IoT devices have to be on 2.4.  Is there a way to incorporate this into my existing hardware?

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Does the AC66U support vlans?  Are you running 3rd party firmware on it that does?  You need your wireless to support vlans, and then any switches these AP run through to support vlans then yes you can create whatever SSID you want and put them on whatever vlan you want and isolate and run different rules on this vlan vs your normal network/vlan

    With radius supplied vlans or dynamic vlans you could put different users/clients on vlans depending on auth and just have 1 ssid.. Vs having ssid A, B and C etc..

    And yes you can create a SSID that only runs on 2.4 vs 5 or both etc.  Every wifi router/AP that is dual band has that functionality.

  • VLANs are supported by Merlin firmware. One of the guides is here.

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