Whats the best solution for connecting AP?

  • I´m running PFSense 1.2.1 in my own network for testing in two days, all is working. I will move the PFS to a small camping were they use wireless 3AP (linksys wrt-54gl), whats the best solution to connect them to PFSense?
    3-> switch->LANinterface on PFS or
    AP3->Optional interface3 on PFS
    I cant use wifi card direktly into PFS optinterface, they are spreed out in the area some under wds/bridge.

    I am using captive portal local managment for login if its a value thats matter. I need traffic monitoring now i use paessler PRTG SNMP utility to all sensors, can i monitor AP individualy in PFS? I also need to se individual IP in PFS to block them if using torrent (they know this from CP login text).

    I have thought of a text in the beginning of your site, and dont it, are there any risk to move from harddrive to Compact Flash?  :
    …pfSense also offers an embedded image for Compact Flash based installations, however it is not our primary focus.

  • "to a small camping were they use wireless 3*AP (linksys wrt-54gl),"  I am not sure I understand the scenario but it likely doesn't matter.  You are attempting to make the pfsense box the primary router and then make the others… simple wireless access points?  The 'best' option is to run cat5e or cat6 rj-45 cables to and from each one.  I don't really understand why you feel the need to fulfill this idea exactly.  I doubt you can monitor all of what goes on inside of each of those boxes but you can likely check out everything that goes on inside of your pfsense box using squid and Bandwidthd.  From what I see in Bandwidthd it shows you exactly what happens with each individual IP and subnet and all that.  It is a pretty deep program it seems like.  If your pals won't listen to you when you say, 'no torrents' for whatever reason, then just yank their wire and put it at that.  Or you can use the traffic shaper to disable torrents or even all P2Ping.  Traffic shaper is under the firewall tab, 5th down.  I don't understand what  "I have thought of a text in the beginning of your site, and dont it," means.  I assume you mean like.. alix boards or something, you won't be able to use your current settings, everything will be fresh and new and I think there are several limitations versus going the full X86 route with a hard drive.

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