DNS Server for OpenVPN

  • Hello,

    i am using openVPN for my iOS Devices.
    I use pfBlockerNG as well, so i have the DNS Resolver activated. In the VPN settings of PfSense i filled out:

    DNS Default Domain         home
    DNS Server enable           [X]
    DNS Server 1              -> This is my LAN IP

    VPN works great. But it does only use the DNS Server for .home resolution of Hostnames.
    So the pfBlockerNG Adblocking mechanism does not work… AS LONG i not enter 10.0.01 in System->General Setup->DNS Servers

    Why? DNS Resolution is activated and forwarding deactivated. OpenVPN pushes dhcp-option 10.0.01 to the clients. But they still seem to use the DNS from General Setup. Is that the wanted way to insert there (local LAN IP of Firewall)?

    Thank you!

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