Captive Portal Voucher reauthentication

  • HI,

    I would like as to ask for help regarding the auto re-authentication when logging on the captive portal.

    What if the user logged in once and the user needs to go somewhere else then comes back to connect again on the internet using a hotspot. The problem is he can't use the issued voucher, we need to disconnect him in the pfsense back before he can log-in backagain. I want is auto re-authentication. Is their any way I can configure the authentication process?


  • Hi,

    What are your portal setting ?
    I'm nothing using vouchers myself, just toying with them ones in a while.

    When vouchers are used - and accepted, the MAC address of the authenticated device is put in a table in the firewall that runs on the captive portal.
    From then, for the time the voucher is valid, that device/visitor will pass through. This rule will be removed when the time is up (duration of the voucher).

    The visitor could take a world trip, but when he comes back, and there is still time left, his MAC will be there in the firewall table, and he can access the net using your portal just fine.
    No need to re-authenticate.

    Note : the voucher-timer will not stop while the visitor is on his world trip !

    Check :
    When a visitor uses a voucher (authenticate), can you see the MAC in the log and status in pfSense ?
    When he comes back, the MAC is still there ? His MAC is still the same ?

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