DNS Whitelist

  • Hello,

    I've configured PFBlockerNG on my PFSense box and just noticed that the ASUS Download page doesn't allow me to download drivers anymore.
    If I look in the DNSBL logs, I see:
    DNSBL Reject HTTPS,Jan 08 10:57:35,etrk.asus.com

    is there a way I can whitelist this FQDN in DNSBL ?

    Thanks a lot for all your help and support.

    Best regards,

  • Do you see a "+" sign next to the alert? If not I think you want to enable "Suppress" in your pfBlocker General settings….don't have my console open but I think it is in General...might be in DNSBL.

    Just went into my firewall and "Suppression" states it is for IPv4 only(sorry)…however do you see a "+" next to your DNSBL list? At one point I didn't have the "+" and enabled something...when I hit the "+" the domain is white listed and shows up in the "Custom Domain Whitelist" on my DNSBL tab(at the bottom).

  • Thanks.
    Managed to do it and whitelist the domains.

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