Pushing Pfsense routes into OpenVPN configuration dynamically

  • I have a very simple Single WAN /30 setup and a /24 routed to my WAN IP at home

    my pfSense box aggregates a bunch of VPN connections (mix OpenVPN and IPSEC)  so that i just dial one OpenVPN connection into the pfSense from outside and if i divert ALL traffic to the pfSense VPN things will just work nicely

    In the case of the OpenVPN clients from the firewall the routes get pushed to the pfSense firewall during connect, there are no manual routes setup and some of the clients are relatively dynamic with updating VPN routes.

    How can i dynamically push the learned routes from the VPN clients (or preferably the pfSense routing table perhaps) to the VPN server config so that I don't have to totally redirect my gateway and send all traffic to the pfSense box but keep general internet traffic local from wherever i am dialling in from. If my end was another router i could run OSPF but this isn't feasible here

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    To dynamically route like that you need some kind of routing protocol on both ends, such as OSPF or BGP.

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