Darkstat not resolving internal hosts

  • Hey im using darkstat on pfsense 2.3.4 and it doesnt resolve and internal host names, only shows internal IP's, i have pfsense using my internal DNS servers for my windows domain

    any help would be appreciated!

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    "i have pfsense using my internal DNS servers for my windows domain"

    You positive?  So when you query some internal fqdn to your AD dns, it resolves?  Say for example host.yorudomain.tld

    Now lookup this same host on pfsense diagnostic dns lookup menu - it will tell you what it used to find or try to find that fqdn..

    Out of the box pfsense uses unbound as resolver, and uses its own to ask unbound for stuff.  So did you setup a domain override pointing to your AD dns?  How exactly did you setup pfsense to use your AD dns?

  • Hi

    When i run the dns lookup on my pfsense box i get these results

    those two internal ip's are my dns server
    i added my AD domain under the domain field in general setup

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    your using .local as your AD domain.. Yeah that is bad idea..

    Sure looks like it asked as well.. That would be broken..

    How and the hell is your enternal servers taking 30ms to respond?  While is only 15 ;)

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