Traffic Graph Inverse Reversed?

  • This may seem like a nit picky thing, but in the live graph for traffic graph (on the dashboard and in status - traffic graph) I really like the inverse view because it's nice and clear in terms of filling out the graph so I can see what's inbound and outbound.  However, it really is inverting the directions for me!  It's displaying inbound traffic in the upward direction and outbound traffic on the bottom.

    How can I use this view, but have the direction on the graph be correct?

    ![traffic graph.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/traffic graph.JPG)
    ![traffic graph.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/traffic graph.JPG_thumb)

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    So you want the out to be on top and the in to be on the bottom..  Sure that could be done - just have to put ina feature request or bounty to get someone to code it.

  • Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy and missing something.  Will do as you suggest!  Thanks!

  • Or you could just accept that in this graph, north is inbound, south is outbound.  How do you determine which way is "correct"??  Is there an IEEE or ISO spec on traffic graph axes?  ;D

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    You could turn the monitor upside down ;)  But then it will be flowing right to left…

    It should be a real simple change to do what he wants, prob nobody ever asked for it before is all..

  • Yeah, it's probably unfair of me to say what is "correct."  It's obviously just a preference.  I have always thought of inbound traffic as "down" like "downloads" or flowing down to me with uploads going up up away and out.

    I'm sure many other people think of it differently or don't care.  I figured it doesn't hurt to ask though!

  • Network interfaces have very natural in and out directions and that is where the pfSense conventions and terminology come from.

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    he is not talking about the convention of in out.. The data would be the same - he just want to flip the graph over.. So that the out is shown on the top and in is shown on the bottom.. That is my understanding..

    Its just a cosmetic thing to the graph, not changing in out data on the interface.. Just which variable gets graphed on top and which on bottom when you pick inverse.

  • I figured it doesn't hurt to ask though!

    It certainly doesn't.  In fact, that's how some new features and fixes have appeared over the years.

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    ^ exactly… I don't see how you can change colors either - which would nice eye candy as well. That way you could use fav sportsball team colors...

  • Hi,

    Inversing "In" and "Out" when using Status => Traffic Graph on WAN ?

    Quick and dirty (means : I didn't look for side effects) solution  :

    Goto line 290.

    					if(window.invert) {
    						trafficOut = 0 - trafficOut;
    ```Change for
    				if(window.invert) {
    					trafficOut = 0 + trafficOut;
    					trafficIn = 0 - trafficIn; 
    valid for version pfSense
    2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    built on Tue Dec 12 13:45:26 CST 2017
    Works doe me :

  • Quick and dirty (means : I didn't look for side effects) solution

    You are a stable genius.

  • Hey look at that!  It works!

    Thanks so much Gertjan!!


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