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  • Hello, I want to make a VPN connection site-to-site (shared key) between 4 sites with OPENVPN, and I want the 4 sites to see each other.
    At the moment, the site to site tunnel with the server and the other sites works correctly, but the B, C and D sites can not be seen between them.

    My question is, on the server side, should I add 3 VPN servers?
    Or create 1 alone and configure it in some predefined way?

    And on the client side, how do I see / configure the other sites?

    All have a range: - HEADER A - Server - HEADQUARTERS B - HEADQUARTERS C - HEADING D

    I have configured this on the server, in the tunnel to the B site, but I do not know if I'm doing it right (since it does not work) to replicate it in the other tunnels:

    In Custom options
    push "route"; push "route"

    Thank you

  • Ok, I've seen that I did not do it well, to pass the routes you have to configure Peer to Peer (SSL / TLS)
    I have configured it in server and client, and I can establish the VPN connection between the 2, but do not communicate with each other networks, and I do not know why

  • Any idea?

  • If I do a ping from the pfsense of ( - SEDE B) to a server computer ( - SEDE A - Server), it answers me.
    If I do a ping from the pfsense of ( - SEDE A - Server) to a team of ( - HEADQUARTER B) he does not answer me.

  • VPN server configuration:

    Firewall / Rules / WAN (Server):

    Firewall / Rules / OpenVPN (Server):

    VPN client configuration:

    Firewall / Rules / WAN (Client):

    Firewall / Rules / OpenVPN (Client):

    I have nothing else configured in any pfsense, only the certificates for the VPN connection, but these work because the VPN gets up.

  • Please any help?

    Server log OpenVPN:

    Client log OpenVPN:

  • any help¿?

  • solved
    the common name of the client's certificate was not the same

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