PfSense on Esxi - wan network doesn't work

  • Hi guys,

    It's my first time I write in thos forum.
    I have a dedicated server in datacenter. I installed vmware Esxi 6.5_U1. I bought a failover ip, configured a pfsense vm, assigned virtual Mac address to the wan network card (default VM Network port group and physical uplink). After that I configured another virtual switch and another port group for LAN network.

    I installed pfsense configuring wan network im this way:

    Ip: <failover ip="">Netmask:
    Default gw:

    And I checked the option to use gw in another network segment in System –> Routes

    The result is that wan network doesn't work. I can't ping anything, neither my default gw

    Anyone has experienced and resolved my issue?

    Thank You so much for your support.</failover>

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You have set a 32 bit mask… That sure doesn't seem right..


  • Thank You  johnpoz for your answer. But it seems correct:

    I have another dedicated server in Online Datacenter and my network settings are the same.

  • But in this case the ppp connection should be configured for the interface. You did not say anything about it. Have you configured ppp[oe]?

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